"Chicken" is a special nickname for Hannah-Chan given by Hamzzie (formally known as RatchetWombax).

Reason it was given Edit

  • He thought it was cute
  • She was chubby and she seemed like just the right person.
  • Hamzzie didn't want her to be offended at first.
  • She seems to like being called it.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first nickname which was given from another friend.
  • At first, she was offended, but she eventually got used to it and started calling herself "a chicken in disguise"
  • The date was early 2014 when she was started to be called "chicken", but it was a possibility when back then she was easy to scare, unlike now, where she doesn't have many fears. Her only known fear is the fear of canoes.
    • However, her mother says she's also scared of dogs, which is mostly not the case.
  • The person who called the name also nicknames his baby sister it.
  • He called her a chicken because for some reason he had a thing for calling girls chickens, but some can counter that by saying he called some boys chickens. Presumably he thought it was cute.
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