Lille's Color Crossover - Passionate Pink

Lille's Color Crossover series is a fan-made CD series created by Hannah-Chan. It contains image songs from any character who's theme color matches each color. There are 6 CD "episodes" in the series. Since this is fan-made, it has no release date, and Hannah does not intend the CD series to exist in stores.

Episodes Edit

  1. Passionate Pink
  2. Big Epic Blue
  3. Perfect Purple
  4. Outstanding Orange and Yellow
  5. Rad Red
  6. Great Green

Series Edit

The Lille's Color Crossover series is a crossover, so therefore it contains characters from different series. Those series include:

Trivia Edit

  • This CD series was inspired by the Pretty Cure Colorful Collection series.
  • Big Epic Blue came from the nickname "Big Epic" which was given by her 6th-7th grade teacher and classmates.
  • Most series on the Lille's Color Crossover series are targeted for kids.
    • This is because most of Hannah-Chan's main fandoms are targeted for kids.
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