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Current icon for Lille (Based on her youtube video)

Lille457 is the Scratch account for Hannah-Chan. She shared over 1000 projects, favorited over 50 projects, follows over 300 other Scratchers, and is followed by over 300 Scratchers.

How she discovered Scratch Edit

Hannah-Chan discovered Scratch when she and her brother saw a Penguin Chat 3 project. They thought Scratch was interesting, so her brother made an account, and later, she did, but didn't have very much activity until 2010, when she uploaded her first project.

Trivia Edit

  • Hannah-Chan got her account when she was a Club Penguin freak.
  • Her username is less original than her brother's.
  • Her account was made back when she was an idea-thief.
  • She is one of the longest-lasting scratchers on scratch. She was active for over 6 years and she is still active today.
  • This is her only F4F account.
  • This is the second website she has a fan group on, called "Lille457 fandom", proceeded by KissKissHannah, and succeeded with AsahiGirl.
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