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File:(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 14 - Dressing Pafe - 「No D&D code」File:-BC- Kousuke Toriumi -Asahina Azusa- 1 to 1 -Sub. Español + mp3-File:02. Happy ☆ Song (ハッピー☆ソング) ~ -Cure Happy Character song-
File:03. Only Wonderful (オンリーワンダフル!)~-Cure Sunny Character Song-File:05.Always with smile (いつも笑顔で) -Cure March Character song-File:175310 60x60.gif
File:3082597.jpgFile:35i0u84urymsj normal face.pngFile:Ai no REINCARNATION Aijima Cecil
File:Aikatsu! - Stranger Alien Full アイカツ! - 完全なエイリアンストレンジャーFile:Aikatsu! 2nd Season Mini Album 1 Track02File:Aikatsu! 2nd Season Mini Album 2 Track07
File:Aikatsu! Best Album Calendar Girls -Disc 1- Track06File:Aikatsu Magical Time full eng subFile:Akari Hoshiiro Idolized Rare card.png
File:Akari Hoshiiro Rare Card.pngFile:Akari Idol.pngFile:Akari and Hanabi.png
File:Akari happy.pngFile:AsahiGirl formal icon.pngFile:Asahigirl.png
File:B3d38ffb9d2o.jpgFile:Camilla icon.jpgFile:Ccccute.png
File:Changing Our Song! Original - Kurusu Syo (Hiro Shimono)File:Check It Love.oggFile:Child emblem fates akari kamui and leo by asahigirl-d9n3t01.png
File:Costume2.pngFile:Current icon for GanbareHannahChan.pngFile:Current icon of KissKissHannah.png
File:DokiDoki! Precure Vocal Album 2 Track06File:Fire Emblem Fates.pngFile:Fizzy Fizzy Baby.ogg
File:Fresh Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 2 Track09File:Fuuto Get Ready TonightFile:GanbareHannahChan icon.png
File:HYPE.pngFile:HYPE - breeze.pngFile:Hannah Rite's icon.png
File:HappinessCharge Precure! Vocal Album 1 Track02File:HappinessCharge Precure! Vocal Album 1 Track03File:HappinessCharge Precure! Vocal Album 1 Track05
File:HappinessCharge Precure! Vocal Album 2 Track03File:IDOLSONG2000-R.jpgFile:Icon of TheAwesomeHannah.png
File:Lille's Color Crossover - Big Epic Blue.pngFile:Lille's Color Crossover - Great Green.pngFile:Lille's Color Crossover - Outstanding Orange and Yellow.png
File:Lille's Color Crossover - Passionate Pink.pngFile:Lille's Color Crossover - Perfect Purple.pngFile:Lille's Color Crossover - Rad Red.png
File:Loomynarty.pngFile:Mikuru base by thelocked-d851ztd.pngFile:One of her six current icons.png
File:PARTY HARD .gifFile:Partying Akari.pngFile:Photo.png
File:Precure Colorful Collection Happy♪Red & White -Disc 2- Track02File:Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream-Switch on my Heart Lyrics (FULL)File:Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Aira - Dream Goes On - Lyrics Full
File:Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Rizumu - Kokoro Juuden! (Full Version + lyrics)File:Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live - Ann - Sweet Time Cooking Magic - Lyrics FullFile:PriPara Idol Songs♪Collection – Solar Flare Sherbet
File:PriPara プリパラ DressingPafé「CHANGE! MY WORLD」【フレーム補間1080p60fps】File:PriPara プリパラ DressingPafé「No D&D code」ステレオ全開!2×3=ロック!File:Pripara Lala & Mirei -「Marburu Make Up a ha ha!」FULL SONG! mp3
File:Puretty NOT!.pngFile:Rainbow Live - BERU - 「Get music!」 full + LYRICSFile:Rainbow Live - ITO - 「BT37.5」 full + LYRICS
File:Rainbow Live - NARU - 「Hato ♥ iro ♥ toridori ~ mu」 full LYRICSFile:Rainbow Live - OTOHA - 「Vanity♥colon」 full + LYRICSFile:Rainbow Live - WAKANA - 「Blowin' in the Mind」 full + LYRICS
File:Re-Quest!File:Romanji Sub)File:Smile Precure! Vocal Album 2~06 Peaceful Days
File:Smile Precure! Vocal BEST!! Track07File:Stand Up Soul - Ichinose TokiyaFile:TVアニメ『BROTHERS CONFLICT』キャラクターソング「DOUBLE☆☆CAST」歌い分け公開
File:Uta no prince Sama Maji Love 2000% Hijirikawa Masato Koi SakuraFile:Yes! Pretty Cure 5! Vocal Album 1 Track08File:Yuna.png
File:♥ Otoya Ittoki ♥File:「BROTHERS CONFLICT」Kiss & Cry (Lyrics)File:「BROTHERS CONFLICT」救世クライシス (Lyrics + SubEng)
File:アイカツ! 【アイドル活動! Ver. Rock】File:プリパラ morning うた ファルル(歌のみ)File:プリパラ ライブムービー 「ぎゃっぷりぷりっぷー」
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