Rule Points Edit

Each new contributor is rewarded with 50 rule points. Each broken rule will result in loss of whatever points each rule subtracts. If you don't want any rule points subtracted, follow the rules! If your rule points consist of 0, you are no longer allowed to edit this wiki for a week. After a week, your rule points go back up to 50.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Edit

In the comments section, you should always be respectful to one person and another. The Golden Rule exists for a very good reason. Do not be mean in the comments. Harmlessly Trolling or criticism does not count.

If this rule is broken, you lose 10 rule points.

No spamming Edit

In the comments section, spamming is forbidden. Posting links to other sites unless it's related to the article is forbidden. And yes, "Bok Bok Bok" DOES count as spam, unless it's on the page Chicken.

If this rule is broken, you lose 5 rule points.

This wiki is spoiler-free Edit

No spoilers are allowed in comments or editing. If I see any spoilers, the comments will be deleted. This is to make this wiki fun for everyone.

If this rule is broken, you lose 5 rule points

No swearing Edit

Although this wiki isn't set to be intended for children, no swearing is allowed on the wiki. Words like "crap" "freaking" or "gosh" will be allowed, but not if you abuse those words.

If this rule is broken, you lose 2 rule points for each swear word.

Grammar matters Edit

I know not everyone's first language is English, but please, when editing, try to keep the grammar formal. I can understand a couple misspelled words or one missing capital, but, if your whole submission looks like this:

"ganbarehannahchan am the WIkia account 4 hannah-chan. she contribts 2 the PRiPAra wiki"

You lose 5 rule points.

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